Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zebra Striped Belly Cake

I had the wonderful opportunity to make a baby shower cake last week! As an added bonus, it was for family, which makes it all the more special.

I had a lot of 'firsts' involved in this cake. 

1. It was my first baby shower cake. 
2. It is the first cake i have successfully covered entirely in fondant. 
3. It's the first cake that i had an audience for basically from start to finish.
4. It's the first cake i ever traveled elsewhere to make.

All of those things made me a little nervous, but combined... well, let's just say i am glad i do well under pressure.

Before i ever left home, i wanted to make sure this cake would WORK. I had to do a test cake.

When i Googled baby belly cakes, i read on a site (i don't know where) that another baker used a Wilton Mini-Ball pan, and a Wilton Ball pan to make the breasts and belly, but when i got them both in the mail, i realized the Ball pan was too small (or at least it was in my opinion). Looking around my kitchen, the only acceptable alternative i had was using my round Betty Crocker Bake N' Fill pan, and try to bake a cake without using the insert. The hard part about this is you have to experiment with temperature and time. My original cake recipe (a yellow cake) called for a 350° oven and i had to lower it to 325° when i realized that the outside was going to get overdone if i wasn't careful. All total, here and away, i made the belly portion of this cake 4 times, twice per cake, to get my final product right.

The Mini-ball pan was a dream. The cakes puff up rounded, so the breasts of my cake looked bigger and rounder than if they had had flat bottoms. I was very pleased with the pan's performance (and no, i don't get paid to say that, i just like it when stuff works like it's supposed to - or even better). I did trim a little edge off of one but that was probably my fault for either slightly overfilling the pan, or the oven could be slightly unlevel.

Here's a few pictures of my progression on my test cake. I didn't do too many.

Dirty iced and ready to be covered in fondant.

It draped very nicely along the 'hemline'.

I trimmed off the excess fondant and smoothed it out over the whole cake.

Then i added the zebra stripes and ribbon.

Now, for the actual baby shower cake, the plan was to make the bodice hot pink. It really added a blast of color, and it matched the decorations and theme perfectly.

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  1. You did a fantastic job on this cake!