Monday, August 6, 2012

Car Chase Cake

I have had the busiest summer! Therefore, i have not been as active in the kitchen as i would like. However, we are returning to the beginning of what i fondly call "Birthday Season", and birthdays go from midsummer to mid-April, then i am done again for a few short months.

My friend asked me if i would bake a cake for her husband and his twin brother. Of course, i said yes. One of them is a cop, and one is a Harley-loving biker. So they wanted something like a road with a police car chasing a Harley. Totally a cute idea. I loved it.

I had my brain on this for quite a while, but in the end i decided to go for something fairly simple in design. I didn't want it to look anything like the cartoon-y Cars cake i made for my nephew.

So this is what i came up with!

The trees i simply piped about a million leaves on each one and it made them quite realistic looking, i think.

Here is the part that had me crossing my fingers. When i asked what size the road needed to be, she said "Matchbox car sized." I made sure i made the road plenty big in case we ended up with something not quite so small, so i am happy with the result! We had a good laugh over her chase to find the right sized vehicles in relation to each other.

I was very pleased with this cake, and i think everyone else was, too. Even if my friend's little boy did say my rocks looked like poo. Silly kid. Note to self: Experiment with making non-poo-ish rocks. Heh.

Nothing extremely special on the inside. Just a home made cake with BH&G recipes. Chocolate on one side, white on the other.

I did experiment with store bought fondant this time. MUCH easier to work with, although i like my cheap version too for the most part. But there is no way i was going to make homemade fondant THIS kind of black color, either.