Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pull Up A Seat!

Welcome to my blog. I am not new to blogging, but i am new to putting myself out there in "public", which is what i call the greater internet.

I have wanted to have my own baking blog for a long time now, but i convinced myself that with all the other blogs out there, maybe i didn't have a lot to offer. But then i realized that i do. I am always learning, and maybe my photos don't look like they came out of a studio, but everyone has to start somewhere. I have always enjoyed baking. Back when my son was young and i was still in my final days of being a teenager, i used boxed mixes and canned frosting, and that was good at the time. I've evolved since then into doing all my cakes from scratch and working my way up the ladder into more complicated things, but i always remember that's where i started.

I am not going to say i have not sort of gotten snobby about boxed mixes and canned frosting... i think all of us who venture beyond the realm of Duncan Hines kind of get that way, but i will say right out of the gate that if a boxed mix compels you to bake a cake for your family, then that's still a good thing. I think canned frosting tastes like... (how do i say this nicely?)... crap... (hey, that IS nice)... but it's an okay place to start.

I wish all my baked goods came out perfect. They sooooo do not. I'm still trying to figure out why i can make the same damn recipe for oatmeal cookies and have them come out slightly different every single DAMN time. They're always GOOD, but they're not always the SAME. But that's where i think i have something to offer. Experience. The occasional failure. Some good old fellow frustration. And then when something comes out perfect, i can share how freaking excited i am.

Anyhow, i hope you find something good here. Once i get started anyhow. I'll be adding to this thing shortly, but it's late, and i'm tired. I baked a pretty cute cake for Easter, so i'll get that up as soon as i have some free time where i am not yawning.

Glad to have you along for the ride.

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